Willingham windmill

Watercolour and gouache 5"x8"

At times I do doubt my sanity when I try and paint outside in this weather. I tried to paint this as fast a possible before I lost all feeling in my fingers. I touched it up with gouache back home. I’m pleased with the effect, but unfortunately it doesn’t look much like the windmill in question, as the reference photo below shows:

I think I’ve said before, painting windmills close up is difficult because there is a tendency to exaggerate the vertical perspective, and this is a perfect example of doing that. Also in the rush I have shown the fantail more or less circular, when it is clear from angle of the sails that the overall shape should be an ellipse.  There are half a dozen windmills that I want to paint this year, for a gift card set, so I will be back to do a better job on this one, probably in oil. I’ve also begun to photograph locations with geotagging, so eventually I will be able to display the locations of every painting I do plein air. Quite how I’ll do this on the blog escapes me at present. Unfortunately WordPress won’t let you use plug-ins if they are hosting your blog, so I may have to move it to my own server. Not looking forward to doing that.


~ by noelgarner on February 15, 2010.

One Response to “Willingham windmill”

  1. I just finished teaching a week of outdoor sketching and painting in Toronto and I’m quite brain-dead; too tired to post until tomorrow. However, I’ve been trolling through your watercolours and enjoying them. I share your passion for Cotman but this one reminds me, in a good way, of Emil Nolde.

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