Pochard at Welney Wildfowl reserve, near Ely

We headed out to the Welney marshes this afternoon. It was started many years ago by Sir Peter Scott, who was also a great painter of wildfowl in particular. So I felt particularly at home here with my painting gear squashed into a large hide  with lots of  birders sporting large binoculars and even larger knowledge about birds. “Did you see that tufted duck just behind the pochard?” A bit tricky when the entire world population of pochard is milling around just outside the window. Anyway, here is just one of them – a little charmer. At least with lots of them around it was never difficult to see one in this exact “pose”.  Watercolour with a bit of body colour on the back and bill.

We were here for about 3 hours and in this time I managed 3 watercolour sketches and 2 oils. Judy and father-in-law very long-suffering, but it was their idea to come here, and since they both had binoculars I calculated they would leave me alone for a good while. Indeed they did.  A very productive afternoon and I will post the results over the next few days. Why doesn’t the painting process flow like this every time? I have no idea.


~ by noelgarner on January 30, 2010.

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