A few mumbles

The picture in my last post is not quite right, and it took me a moment to work out why. The perspective is off. It’s easy to see this when there are lots of straight lines, but not when there is a mixture of straight lines and curves. In the case of the buttertub and tulips (potential for a  title of a detective novel here) the tub does not “sit down” on the tablecloth exactly right. In the painting the edge of the table runs more or less vertically and therefore the curve on the base of the tub should have been rounder – as shown in “A”. Alternatively the edge of the tablecloth could have been  shown at a wider angle (“B”) and then the way I have painted the tube would have been OK.  I know many artists do this deliberately and exaggerate it for effect, but I didn’t do it deliberately here. Probably while I was concentrating on other aspects (and not being able to see the canvas clearly) I was moving my head, leaning backwards and forwards, and being close to the subject this was enough to give different perspectives. Maybe I should do this deliberately next time.

Which leads me nicely to Leonardo’s  Mona Lisa which was featured in a TV programme recently. The presenter was pointing out that the perspective in the landscape on the left behind the head is different from that behind the right hand side of the head, with the result that if you look quickly at the painting you can get the impression that her head moved! Brilliant!

Here is the view of the subject as I completed the painting, tulips sagging et al. (And my grey card as well for the photo). The scene was warmer than this in reality. I was doing this sometime after 11pm, so my wife, Erin, had gone to bed otherwise she might have been fretting about paint getting on the embroidery. This single light source is OK but not exactly capable of  variation. I have ordered a lamp today that I can clamp to a stand that is going to help a lot. Why didn’t I do this before?


~ by noelgarner on January 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “A few mumbles”

  1. For some time I’ve been under the impression you have been married to Judy, is there some sort of Bloomsbury movement emerging in Ramsden Square?!

  2. re-read threads, apologies, all makes sense now!

  3. Hmmm…Virginia Woolf in Ramsden Square – now that takes some imagining. But yes, my grammar was ambiguous I agree. A case of the brush being mightier than the pen? I’m afraid Judy is very much stuck with me! My apologies to Erin:-)

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