Tulips and buttertub finished

Since I started this painting the tulips have taken a turn for the worse. They’re dying and are now a much darker purple. Also they are flopping over in the vase (I wonder whether it looks like a patterned white vase to the impartial viewer, or a badly rendered glass vase?) I completed this using the pendant lamp that is over our dining table, and having turned off the room light so the back wall remained dark, I was forced to paint by the light of the same pendant light. Not easy, but it’s my own fault. I’m going to get a clamp light that I should be able to fix to a mike stand I’ve got somewhere.

Notwithstanding all that, I’m sort of satisfied with this. The tub is a challenge though. The local colour is a rich dark mahogany, with many small concentric rings carved around it. There are many subtle cast colours on its surface so I will definitely be having another go at using this


~ by noelgarner on January 27, 2010.

One Response to “Tulips and buttertub finished”

  1. You are truly going back to basics. Excellent exercises indeed. I like the moody painting.
    What does your wife do when you are moving the lighting in the dining room? Maybe she just takes off to the movies when you are on one of your missions! Barry Coombs is doing still life observations lessons too. I’m enjoying it all.

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