Colour course 3

Oil. Prismatic hues - wide range of hues and valuesOil.

To complete these three exercises, this time in prismatic hues.

Oil. High-key, narrow value range prismatic on left; opposite on right

 It’s only possible to do high value prismatic colours in the yellow area, because to produce blues,  violet or reds in a high key one has to add a lot of white and the  sauration would really fall away. By the same token, really low key yellow/orange/yellow green in a low value range would mean adding a lot of black or complementary darks – either way it wouldn’t be prismatic colour. Ho hum..wasn’t that absolutely fascinating? What did I learn? The only dark prismatic colours are blue and violet and the only light prismatic colour is yellow. Tomorrow I return to sanity and post my finished tulip painting – oh, and some earth colour blending ideas.


~ by noelgarner on January 26, 2010.

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