Exercise in olive green

4"x11" Oil on board

This is based on a photograph I took last summer when walking on the Cam near Waterbeach. The soil round here is very dark – black when viewed against a high summer sun. But looking toward a strong high sun nearly everything in shadow is very dark, and anything green, with the sun shining through the leaves, has a high chroma/saturation. So this was a good opportunity to use some very ancient olive green and black that I have had for many years. I used just Titanium white, Lamp Black and Olive Green. I suppose these tubes have been around a long time because I don’t use them much. Maybe I should do some paintings specifically to use up all the tubes I don’t like. For example: Chrome orange, Chrome green, Japanese Red Deep (what?!), Light Red and Raw Umber. I cannot understand artists who have millions of tubes – I must be missing something because paint manufacturers have so many pigments and somebody must be buying them. I struggle to understand 8 pigments – which is what Kevin McPherson recommends. If I could paint like him I would be – how shall I put it? – chuffed.


~ by noelgarner on January 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Exercise in olive green”

  1. I really like the olive/ grey landscape; unusual:-)!

  2. You know this area don’t you Rachel? I seem to remember you saying you walk along the river near Waterbeach. Well this is a short walk from the sluices.

  3. Yes, I do know this area – exactly where I walk near Waterbeach; can picture the bit just past the sluices….. I loved taking photographs of that exact area; it must create an inspiring ambience for art:-)!

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