The Coot

2"x3" oil

8″x12″ oil

When I was painting on New Year’s day, my attention was diverted by the distinctive sound of someone hitting a golf ball with a metal driver. Now, I realise this doesn’t make any sense to the non-golfer, but if you are, this sound is like no other. It was late afternoon, and I was definitely not on a golf course. I tried to put it out of my mind only to hear the same sound repeated in different places, including the lake itself. Ridiculous. I put my brush down and concentrated on the source – and it was coming from this little duck which, checking out a bird book at home was without doubt a coot. 

Anyway, I had space on the side of the board on which I was painting, so I sketched him in. The lower part of the beak was definitely a pale ocre/pink allthough the reference book at home didn’t show that 

~ by noelgarner on January 4, 2010.

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