Christmas project – last posting

Jug - oil pastel 8"x12"

The two most capable painters were the last to show their hand. I wonder why. This jug was done by my eldest son, using oil pastels. It fairly leaps off the canvas compared with all the other contributions, although the perspective is not perfect. Like my wife’s brother in law – who painted the wine bottle – Marcus took a photo with his mobile phone and painted from that. Full marks for innovation.

Oil 3"x3"

The apple did not appear on my composition at all, but my brother-in-law, who likes to do things his way, picked up an apple from the fruit bowl and put it on the shelves where he wanted to paint it. Two things of interest about Richie – first he is a fan of Bob Ross, and second he is a highly skilled dental technician. On the first point, I will refrain from comment! On the second, his love of fine detail comes shining through. He has painted detail on this apple like he would on a replacement crown. Awesome, but I could never have the patience to this – he spent I would sayat least two hours just painting this small apple.

I am now left with the interesting challenge of pulling all the disparate component parts of this painting together into what I hope will be a pleasing and coherent whole. I think this will be largely to do with the lighting of the shelves themselves, and judicious adjustment of  the colours used in some of the individual parts. Some artists were satisfied enough with their work to sign their contributions – I would paint over their signatures at my peril!


~ by noelgarner on December 31, 2009.

2 Responses to “Christmas project – last posting”

  1. I expect even Bob Ross likes apples!

  2. This apple was my first try at still life and I was determined to achieve the best possible result with my limited experience and ability. This always takes me time as I am rarely satisfied! I was thrilled at the opportunity and it has given me an excitement to ‘play’ at some different techniques! Thank you Noel for your great idea !!

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