Christmas project continued

Well, it all worked out brilliantly. Lots of people were with us for Christmas lunch, and after everything was cleared away I invited people to paint – and lots of them did. The great things was not so much the art side of things – as the fact that it was something we did together.  This little girl, the daughter of one of our neighbours, was painting the jar of lentils, and part of helping her get the right colour for them was getting a handful of lentils and sticking them to the paint. Emboldened by her contribution, other started to join in:


~ by noelgarner on December 29, 2009.

4 Responses to “Christmas project continued”

  1. looks great fun, fab idea! BTW: mum and dad loved the Mills calendar….thank you! rj

  2. Yes, it was. I’ll be posting again on the same painting. Glad the Mills calendar went down well

  3. That was just the most gorgeous thing to do. Should inspire others to do something similar. All credit to you.

  4. Wouldn’t that be just great? I would love to see that. I’m going to do one more post on this subject

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