Birthday – Ely

View of the Nave - Ely cathedral. Oil 8"x12"

Today is the big 60. Yay!  We went to Ely for lunch at a gallery where some of my paintings are displayed – I have recently sold two of my largest there, which is a nice Christmas present. So in the fading light we strolled into this magnificent cathedral where I once sang in a choir when I was a teenager – I still remember it because it was broadcast live on national radio. Long time ago….

Judy walking down the aisle at Ely cathedral

I make no apologies for the extreme sketchiness of the painting and the very bright colours. I was crouching down on a bit of stonework beside a massive old heater that was churning out the heat. Also next to me was a big old door through which I could hear the choir practising for tomorrow night’s carol service. Painting on occasions like this locks such sounds and feelings into my mind like nothing else does.  The light was so dim I could scarcely see colour at all – I just knew that having squeezed out a little ultramarine, white, raw sienna, chrome yellow and winsor red,  these were what I was daubing on the board. I’m happy with it – and being 60 too.


~ by noelgarner on December 21, 2009.

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