Field daisies

10"x14" oil

This piece has given me so much grief. I think it’s what comes from having a high ideal that you really want to live up to. In this case I’ve wanted to paint a field of daisies for many years, having been inspired by the way the American watercolorist (neat spelling hey!) Philip Jamison does them. The blooms seem to float over the field, brushed by the wind, suggestively painted with some detail at the same time. The other thing is that these flowers are only out in spring. Year after year I manage to miss them, but not in 2009.  I started this in May, and I have been scrubbing it out and having another go at it on and off ever since. Today I got into it again with a light glaze of raw sienna to lift the dull background, and then this time went a little more carefully on the flower heads, thinking about the level of detail I wanted in each area of the painting.

This is how far I got on site. It was actually a lovely late afternoon, the low sun catching the flowers and throwing the coppice in the distance into deep shadow. Part of the field in fact is a poorly maintained market garden, and the bean sticks in the ground were catching the light quite nicely.   Just prior to posting this I went onto the web and found  a small reproduction of one of Philip Jamison’s paintings and I think my effort, though not in the same league, has captured the general idea. I’m interested to see that in fact he has not drawn in too many flowers, and they are more detailed than I had remembered. I love his work – makes me want to go to Maine.

~ by noelgarner on December 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Field daisies”

  1. Noel, Field Daisies is a wonderful painting! Your exhibited mastery of a spontaneous style captures my spirit; I feel like I’m still standing there in the field! I can’t wait to see more of your work and read your journal!

  2. Love your painting, Noel. Remember us from Jon and Ruth’s wedding. DAH sis

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