Abbotsbury Tithe Barn, Dorset

Watercolour and body colour. 13"x19"

This one was started 20 years ago – how far I got is shown below. I have warmed the sky and buildings up with washes of raw sienna, plus a wash in the sky of a very pale purple of rose madder and phthalo blue, which unfortunately has not come out on the photograph. I have deepened some shadows, put in the foreground grasses and added detail and opaque greeens to the tree on the right. The geometry of the gable on the left is not quite right, but it seems wrong to correct it now.

I went onto the web to confirm that it was in fact Abbotsbury Tithe Barn. I found a few photographs there too, but none from this angle so I have no way of knowing how the scene has changed, if at all.

As painted on site


~ by noelgarner on December 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Abbotsbury Tithe Barn, Dorset”

  1. The Tithe Barn is warm and inviting. The geometry of the gable takes me soaring into the picture. The grasses pull me back into the foreground, and I like peeking over the fence. Nice work!

  2. Abbotsbury Tithe Barn, Dorset .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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