View in the English Lake District

13"x20" Watercolour.

I’m still finishing off old paintings. I started this about 20 years ago. I’ve tried to work out where exactly it is, but can’t. The image below shows how it was when I started on it today. I have detailed the farmbuildings in the foreground. I remember they were in shadow and the sunlight was in the background. Can’t be sure if the farmbuildings were in a typical lakeland white wash, but I have guessed they were. I’ve lightened the mountain in the far background by wetting, scrubbing and dabbing with the tissue. Same with the dark patch in the upper left middle distance. Generally darkened all the foreground to throw the interest back into the distance, something that Rowland Hilder often did. I don’t think I would paint this scene like this now, but I have tried to complete it in the style I painted in at the time. The pigments I used today were Payne’s Grey, Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow), Indian Red, Burnt Sienna, and a little Permanent White for the chimney smoke. 

The painting as it has been left in my portfolio for 20 years


~ by noelgarner on December 2, 2009.

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