Landscape in Wiltshire

OK, so it seems I am into a short phase of finishing half done paintings, and this is another watercolour that has been lying dormant in my portfolio for around 15 years. It’s somewhere in Wiltshire, that’s all I know. Basically it’s a triad colour scheme as can be seen from the highlighted colour wheel below:

I’m not a slave to a colour wheel, but it is helping me to be more disciplined in colour and restricting the number of pigments I use. Invariably I am happier with the result. I guess it’s important not to get enslaved by a formula.

The next photo shows a lot more of the developed watercolour, and I’m getting more of where I think it should end up. This of course is now done from imagination based on what I have from the original work on site.

At this stage I am not happy with the pale green sunlight in the distance – it needs strengthening to draw the eye in. The tree on the right is too flat, and the bushes behind it are also flat and lacking a convincing base. A few white highlights will help to bring focus here and there. Also the blue of the sky needs to go a little bit towards purple to harmonise better with the road. A weak wash of ultramarine plus indian red over the whole sky, diluting towards the bottom and adding a little more indian red to the water should improve things. This was the final result:

Watercolour 14"x20" on "Arches" paper


~ by noelgarner on November 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Landscape in Wiltshire”

  1. Hi Noel-
    Thanks for the 2010 calendar – just got back from time away to find it! A good xmas pressie.
    Love the chaotic, winding shapes of the tree you have painted here too – really livens the landscape and adds character!


  2. Glad you like it – SPAB were pleased too, so maybe I need to start painting some more windmills for 2011.

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