Inside Wicken windmill


Wicken mill. 12"x12" oil

R0013578wicken_filteredIt’s not at all easy to paint inside a windmill when it’s actually milling, as can be seen from the photo on the left. I painted this a week last Sunday when the wind was blowing strongly and the mill was going – to use a Quixotic phrase –  full tilt. The whole structure is vibrating, flour is steadily filtering through cracks in the floor above into your hair and into your paints. The noise is fantastic, the miller is rushing around; as the sails clack round and cover the window every second the lighting goes from dim to dark. Great fun. Of course getting the shape and geometry of all the wheels and cogs correct is quite important, but with everything moving I just had to do the best I could.

I showed my 2010 windmill calendar at the SPAB conference at Belvoir Castle on Sunday and I go to print on Friday, If any one would like a copy, please contact me before then. I set up my stall in the gallery, appropriately enough. Now, how often is one able to have work on display in the same room as several Gainsboroughs and a Holbein? Well, check this out! My little windmill interior on the easel with somewhat more illustrious work in the background. Thank you SPAB!! (I did ask if I could do a bit of painting on the easel to enliven my presentation, but they wouldn’t let me. Maybe they were just a tiny bit nervous I might have ventured to alter the Holbein just a teeny weeny bit in one corner…….)



~ by noelgarner on November 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Inside Wicken windmill”

  1. I love it. You certainly like a challenge. You’ve no idea how many times I’ve wanted to make ‘tiny corrections’ to major paintings!!
    I would be interested to purchase one of the calendars. Is there somewhere in the site I should go?

  2. I seem to remember Mr Bean having a pretty comprehensive shot at altering a masterpiece! If you’d like a calendar, please send me an e-mail with your posting addess to I have just a few spares. They are £8.

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