Upper Langridge church continued..

Amazingly I passed this church yesterday. It’s 180 miles from where I live. What happened is that I had to go to a funeral in Bath, and our route there passed the turn-off to to this tiny village. Having finished the painting only the day before  I thought if there is time after the funeral I would call back and compare the reality with what I had painted. I had a bit of a shock:


To take this photograph I had to stand on the wall on the other side of the lane. To get the perspective shown in the watercolour I would have had to be a further 10 feet in the air. I must have imagined it at the time to get the angle I thought was best. The trees on the left are much bigger than I had remembered them, although I wouldn’t have put them in this large in the painting anyway. Also my original start on site was in winter sunlight.

I guess is serves to reinforce the old dictum, “Don’t let reality get in the way of a good composition.”  There is a famous painting by Turner overlooking Florence with the Duomo in the middle distance. When I stood on the same spot some years ago, it was clearly much, much different from the painting, even allowing for changes in vegetation and buildings.


~ by noelgarner on November 12, 2009.

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