Mills Calendar 2010 – March

Hunsett Norfolk

Hunsett windpump, Watercolour 14"x20"

This painting hangs in my father-in-law’s lounge, so I see it regularly! It’s not a windmill technically. Like most mills in the East Anglian Broads, they were built to pump water off the land and into the drainage cuts. It’s a well-known feature of the Broads, often seen in photographs,but I chose a more unusual viewpoint that shows the sails in profile. I’m always trying to find new angles from which to paint mills. Even though I painted this years ago, I can easily picture the occasion I painted it, and remember the weather. This is the wonder of painting outside – you remember everything so much better.

In my last post I said I don’t like using masking fluid to reserve whites. Well, here on the cap and sails and fantail I needed to preserve the white of the paper. I carefully sketched the outlines of the mill in pencil and then painted around the white areas with initial washes of varied ultramarine blue, following the pencil line. Later, I erased the pencil. I like the mixture of loose, blended, washes and crisp areas with not too many lines of detail.


~ by noelgarner on November 6, 2009.

One Response to “Mills Calendar 2010 – March”

  1. This is GREAT! Feels dynamic, “alive” and like the mix with washes. I haven’t painted in a short while as been distracted with other things, and taking a peek at your blog today has really inspired me. Thank you!

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