Mills calendar 2010

outwood mill hires

Outwood mill. Watercolour 10"x14"

I am soon publishing a calendar for 2010 in conjunction with the mills division of the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings here in the UK. They are an amazingly enthusiastic and knowledgeable group of people and have been most supportive of this project. Most of the paintings I have chosen in collaboration with them and I have revisited and tweaked most in one way or another, even though some of them were painted over 20 years ago! I will post them over the next week or so. I hope you find them interesting. If you’d like to buy the calendar please e-mail me at  They are £10 each including postage (in the UK). The calendar is A4 portrait, full colour, 13 page including the cover, with semi-gloss finish, with hanger. The holidays shown are UK.  Final print-run will be decided on 16th November, and orders delivered by 1st December.

I painted the mill shown exactly three years ago, on the way back home from Gatwick airport. Here below, is how much I painted on site. (The colour balance here is a bit too warm). It needed more detail in the tree, and more depth to the shadows:

outwood mill



~ by noelgarner on November 4, 2009.

One Response to “Mills calendar 2010”

  1. Hey Noel- I find watercolours very hard myself, and often get frustrated with them and turn back to oils (just like the texture, and ability to constantly tweak, vibrancy, etc) However, these watercolour pictures – and describing how do a painting in separate stages is really inspiring (as I am normally too impatient and want to do a painting all in one go!) …will definitely be contacting about a calendar!!! What a lovely idea.

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