Afghanistan 14

R0013093I got up at sunrise to paint, and as I started this lad appeared with his goats. I suppose nothing particularly exciting happens day to day as you take your goats up and down the valley to pasture, so a mad foreigner dabbing paint on a board must be omething of a R0013094highlight to the week. Anyway, whether it was that, or he thought he might pick up a few tips on brush technique, he quietly squatted down beside me as I developed an oil pochade sketch whilst the sun was still majestic and pink/orange on the far mountains. He was fine company, and eventually pottered off as his goats, on autopilot, disappeared round a bend in the valley. I had another half an hour before being called in for breakfast. This is how far I got:


When I got home to Cambridge  I spent another hour or so on the painting. It presented all kinds of problems. Firstly, the far ridge of mountains, though much different in hue from the sky, was almost identical in value, and this needed careful adjustment. Second the foreground rocks were in deep shade, but I still wanted to bring out the detail. Third, the rocks had to be simplified. I wanted detail, but not confusion, and I wanted the tops of the rocks to catch the light from the sunrise. This is the result, and following it how far I got on site.


Oil 9"x12" Sunrise in the foothills of the Hindu Cush


How I left it at breakfast time....


~ by noelgarner on November 2, 2009.

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