Afghanistan 11


Leaving Istaliff, up into the hills. Watercolour/gouache. 5"x11"

At around midday we left Istaliff village to trek up the valley. The stream is small just now, but the massive rocky bed testifies to a raging torrent when the spring snow melt is in full spate. We were approaching 7000′ at this point, so we took our time.  

R0013494A couple of boys took an interest in my watercolour sketch so I sketched him for a minute, too. He didn’t seem impressed. In fact, it is true to say that many of the children we met in Afghanistan looked old for their age, and rarely looked happy.

Our walk took about 5 hours. Although apparently remote, there were plenty of people about. Even when we felt alone, a scan of the scene would usually reveal a goatherd, or someone gathering firewood, or a girl pounding out the washing on the smooth river rocks. Life must be tough here, though. Up here the air is gloriously clean and clear. Unlike in Kabul, the leaves of the trees began to take on the hues of proper green.


~ by noelgarner on October 30, 2009.

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