Afghanistan 6

Pencil 3"x5"

Pencil 3"x5"

On Friday we met with friends….. I did not photograph, but I could sketch the scene  out in the garden, coffee, chat while people came and went…. The layout of the house was typical of Kabul. A high wall all around the site and then one or two dwellings set in it  in almost total privacy. Family privacy is very much a cultural more here. It has an interesting effect on the street scene – for town planners like me anyway. The average residential street is simply continuous 10′ walls lining the street interspersed with big secure doors leading into the private areas –  which in contrast are often havens of quiet, with lush, cool gardens. This is not so true of the “informal” housing areas that cloak the hillsides of Kabul which much more struggle to maintain their privacy.  

Residential street in Kabul

Residential street in Kabul

This scene looks very quiet and peaceful, which it was, being Friday, the Muslim holy day. Sunday used to be quiet in the UK once upon a time didn’t it?


~ by noelgarner on October 25, 2009.

One Response to “Afghanistan 6”

  1. the residential street looks very much like ones in South-Eastern Turkey towns. Loving the Afghanistan series, really inspiring. Especially the descriptions alongside the sketches. Cool!!

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