Afghanistan 3

R0012880Most Afghan art students learn by copying – from what I can gather mostly from photos. Copying is very much a part of their tradition, but it is very limiting. Also girls cannot just go wandering off into the streets on their own. With this group I started teaching indoors (you can see the window to the classsroom here). I wanted to take them outdoors, but still within the college’s grounds.


I spotted a burnt out SUV and suggested this would make an interesting, if not exactly classical, subject. Students and teachers responded well and out we went. One of the teachers put his ability one the line as well, and painted with the students as did I. We had about half an hour. Here is my demonstration which the professor asked me to sign and leave with them:

Watercolour 8"x12"

Watercolour 8"x12"

One student looked it and said (through my interpreter) – “But why haven’t you painted it the colour that it is?” To which my reply was “Because I liked it this way.” This was met with a look of puzzled bemusement!


~ by noelgarner on October 21, 2009.

One Response to “Afghanistan 3”

  1. Wow – I love it; great painting to do in half an hour! Bet this was such a great inspiration to the children out in Afghanistan. I change the colour of subjects I paint, to reflect colours I wish to express…. jazzes things up a bit!

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