Chasing the squirrel

Oil on board 8"x12"

Oil on board 8"x12"

This is a quiet corner of Brockwell Park, Brixton, London, yesterday (Sunday) afternoon. A little boy ran across the scene chasing a squirrel and I noted it with my camera which I usually have to hand.  This represents about an hour’s painting on site followed by the same again at home. This is how far I got in the Park:



This is taken from my viewpoint on a low chair with the pochade box on my knees, with people walking by. I wish I could somehow insert the fragmented conversations that I hear into the painting. Somehow they  belong in there. Someone talking about church, another about interest rates, another some snatch of gossip. Because I’m still, and busy doing something else that I’m concentrating on, people don’t notice you. At some point people will sidle up to look. The kids jus barge in; the adults have different approaches: “Do you mind if I have a look?”  Another person: “Mmm…couldn’t do better myself..” My reply: “Come and join me!”

On Wednesday my wife and I are flying off to somewhere exciting for a couple of weeks, where I hope to do some art teaching and some painting.  I won’t be able to post though while I’m there. Hopefully lots to show when I’m back.


~ by noelgarner on September 28, 2009.

One Response to “Chasing the squirrel”

  1. Hey – I LOVE the artistic commentary on this, about glimpses of conversations you were party to as you painted, etc….that’s what makes doing art and writing outside a real amazing experience for me – it’s immersing yourself in the whole of your surroundings, the atmosphere, etc…

    Post more like this!! Enjoyed a lot.

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