Arum Lilies in hedgerow

Oil 8"x12"

This hedge was right behind me as I painting the previous post, and within the shadows the fruit of the Arum Lily or “Lords and Ladies” shone out with their bright vermillion colour. Aparently they are highly poisonous too. I’m pleased with the fruits, the purple colour of the bramble stems so characteristic of autumn, and the one or two suggested thorns on the white stems.

Actually this was a complex scene that it was difficult to simplify, and with one hour to do it in, I had no time to overlay colour – except where I layed in a thin coat of green for the leaves and then on top applied the really dark shadows using  a juicier mix of phthalo green and Indian Red. I took care to finish with some broad strokes of ligher green over some of the stems to give an extra sense of depth


~ by noelgarner on September 21, 2009.

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