Nimlet, Bath, with help from Benny Newman

Nimlet, Bath. Oil on board. 8"x12"

Nimlet, Bath. Oil on board. 8"x12"

Visiting Bath, I painted this and put it on a wall at my sister’s so it wouldn’t get smudged by anyone. I was not counting on the interest of Benny, one of their cats, who walked across it and added some interest to the larger of the trees. How many artists can boast assistance with paw-scumbling? Not many I bet. Benny was kind enough to re-enact the scene, but with a little more panache:

My new assistant

My new assistant

Back to the painting. This was about 3pm, facing straight into the sun. The sky was clear, but in this direction brilliant white with a touch of yellow. Palette was white, Chrome Yellow, Raw Sienna (for the sky); Chrome Yellow, Winsor Lemon, white and Cobalt blue for the foreground with touches of Indian Red; Phthalo Green and Indian Red for the cottages; Ultramarine, Indian Red, Chrome Yellow and white for the caravan. i.e. 7 colours plus white.


~ by noelgarner on September 20, 2009.

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