Crab catchers – Mortagne-s-Gironde

Oil 8"x12"

Oil 8"x12"

This village was about 70 miles from our villa. I painted this scene while we waited for our son, who had set out a couple of hours before us on his bicycle. I’ve never seen crabbing taken so seriously. They have this big net attached to a boom that in turn is attached to a trailer hitched, in this case, to the back of a motorhome.  Every few minutes they’d lift it to check for crabs. I didn’t see them catch so much as a crab, but what little I know about fishing suggests that it doesn’t seem to depend on whether you catch anything. Anyway, this is how I finished this off in the studio on our return home and the picture below is what I actually did on site. I hope I have conveyed the strength of the midday sun and the stillness in the air.



~ by noelgarner on September 12, 2009.

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