Silver Street Bridge, Cambridge

Final painting. Oil 8"x12"

Final painting. Oil 8"x12"

This is a classic view in Cambridge, and I painted this last Saturdayafternoon at around 4pm. The place was heaving with tourists. The irony is that I had gone round quite a lot of central Cambridge the same morning taking reference photos to help me select places to visit again. This was one of them, but at 7.30 am there wasn’t a person there.

I finished this painting off in the studio. The next image is how far I got with it on site. I’m not sure if I don’t prefer the painting at an earlier stage. I’d really appreciate any comments. Here it is:

After one hour on site. Oil 8"x12"

After one hour on site. Oil 8"x12"

Here is the nearby reference photo I took early in the morning with no-one around, no sun, and all the punts tied up waiting for customers to arrive.



~ by noelgarner on August 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Silver Street Bridge, Cambridge”

  1. I LOVE the way you have done the water in this; the final piece is definitely better. I love using oils, and am intrigued how you get to paint so much “on the spot” while out travelling around; especially considering how much mess I seem to make with my oil painting and the clean-up after!

  2. Thanks Noel, I would really appreciate and look forward to that post! I just randomly came across your artist website too…which led me here. Wow – some fantastic pieces! Very inspiring. Thank you.

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