Tropical garden in Norwich


12"x12" - oil

Yet another garden – they are beginning to “grow” on me. Not much time to do this. Had the french easel out for this. Maybe I paint better this way. With the pochade on my knees I don’t usually get to stand away so readily. This way I can move around, paint at arms length. More enjoyable actually.

I used a proper canvas for this, but a pretty cheap one and I didn’t like it. Too absorbent. The texture is a pleasant change from the smoother finish I have on my usuall gessoed boards.


~ by noelgarner on July 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Tropical garden in Norwich”

  1. hey noel,

    Cool – found your link from the NF “news” and having met you before (you probably don’t remember, brief!), thought I’d take a peek. I LOVE the different range of media and styles you use. Very inspiring for a “learner” like me.

    This is a fab and fun picture – very vibrant and alive; reminds me a bit of spray-paint artwork I’ve come across (which I loved).

    Thanks for the enjoying read!

    • Thanks for your encouragement Rachel. You’re right, I do paint in a variety of materials and styles – I hadn’t really noticed til you said that. Hope you’ll keep visiting; I post something new every few days.

  2. definitely will keep reading….is keeping me inspired!


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