Chocolate or Fudge?


When I asked my wife and son what they thought of this “chocolate box lid” production last night their response was it was more like fudge box. Mmmm.. OK I asked for it. This is my usual 8″x12″ pochade box size, started on site a month ago, and worked on in the studio yesterday evening (What IS the proper term for painting in front of the subject? Plein air I suppose. Sounds a bit poncy to me. On the other hand “on site” sounds more like a construction site term.) It was  a case of making the best of a visit with wife and friends to a “garden”. To be fair it was quite the most amazing garden I have seen – packed with interest. And this view was a classic. So while the rest perused their hostas and cotoneasters I settled to a bit of picture postcard art.


~ by noelgarner on July 18, 2009.

One Response to “Chocolate or Fudge?”

  1. I think you’ve just overworked it Noel.Bit fudgey for me too! (is that a verb?)

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