Back at last – with a boat on the R. Cam

Boat on the Cam - 5"x8" - watercolour and gouache

Boat on the Cam - 5"x8" - watercolour and gouache

I’ve been struggling to paint for lots of reasons recently. Firstly – block. I’m finding the gouache and watercolour quite difficult, and I did this today determined not to be beaten.  Long way to go – a light touch with the gouache is the way ahead I guess.  Here for reference is the view I was painting. I sat down on the edge of the river in the shade of a tree and quite enjoyed myself, and used the photo back home to put in some final detail.

R0010322Another reason is I have been concentrating on putting together a calendar of my windmill paintings for 2010. I have two organisations interested in having bespoke versions so I have hopes that this will be a good project. I have painted more than 50 windmills over the years and it’s time to get them out on display somehow.

And finally – I have bought a new camera. Now this should not be all time-consuming, but for me I have to go into detail so it ended up being just that. I wanted a good camera for photographing art, but also a versatile, small camera (i.e. not a DSLR) with lots of manual control. I also wanted one that has an option to shoot in 1:1 format. And RAW. And be clear to use. That narrowed it down a lot. So I have a Ricoh GX200. What is even better, nobody seems to have heard of Ricoh except as makers of photocopiers. So that’s fine!


~ by noelgarner on July 16, 2009.

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