Dead Pheasant

Watercolour and gouache 5"x8"

Watercolour and gouache 5"x8"

I ran over this pheasant two days ago and even if I say so myself, did it rather cleanly. My wife was mortified, so to speak, only matched by her objection to my bringing it home. Anyway, we barbequed it last night. Needless to say I had no help plucking and gutting it! In all the fuss I nearly forgot to sketch it. But not quite!  This is watercolour and white gouache in my larger Moleskine.

IMG_8333I’m having no trouble now getting quick areas of darks laid down having added in to my tin box the following colours: Ivory Black, Indian Red, Hooker’s Green Dark and Sepia. No magic to the choice – they were all colours I already had in tubes, and the green when mixed with any red/orange (such as Indian Red) will produce deep chromatic greys.


~ by noelgarner on June 21, 2009.

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