An odd painting medium

IMG_8306I am about 99.99% certain you will not have seen one of these before. It is a waterproof marker, that can be applied on any surface including glass, and can be applied underwater as well. It dries very quickly and can be overlaid with another of the same type of marker. They were an experimental version of an industrial marker produced some years ago by Sakura for the edding brand. They never took off but at the time I worked in the art materials industry and I have a set of 20 of these. ….. which is an introduction to saying they are very hard to paint with. Here is my attempt at a small sketch made on my usual walk in the local Science Park. It had rained most of the day, but now at around 9pm the sun was struggling to make a late appearance.

Marker in Moleskine sketchbook. 3"x5"

Marker in Moleskine sketchbook. 3"x5"

So I doubt if I shall be using this regularly – unless of course I fancy painting on a piece of glass in the pouring rain. Mmm…now there’s an idea.


~ by noelgarner on June 16, 2009.

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