Houses of Parliament, London

On Sunday I travelled to London with my son and father in law. I dropped them off at the Oval cricket ground to watch the 20/20 competition and I walked down to the River Thames to paint using my pochade box. I will do a proper explanation of my pochade method soon. It was about 4pm when I arrived and the weather was showery with with sunny intervals. The view I chose is very traditional, but I don’t get here very often so why not? I was painting with two blues, a yellow, white and two reds. I didn’t get far before it started to rain:


The rain can be seen on the painting. This is the good things about painting in oils outside though – it can rain and you can carry on painting. Well, as long as you are not getting soaked through. It wasn’t that bad however, and this is as far as I got in about an hour before I needed to move on to the South Bank:

IMG_8224 (2)

I was a bit concerned that everything was leaning over the right a bit, but I could change that later. Also I made the shadow side of the left had tower much more red than it was – but that is how I saw it in my mind’s eye to that’s OK in my view. That was all yesterday. I have a neat way of getting a wet oil sketch back into the lid of the box without smudging it, and today I spent another half an hour straightening up the building, correcting proportions (I had taken a reference photograph so I was able to pull that up on my PC’s screen) and tweaking the foreground and sky. I think this could work well on a much bigger scale, and the reference photo provides the additional detail I will need.

Houses of Parliament. Oils on hardboard 8"x12"

Houses of Parliament. Oils on hardboard 8"x12"

I trudged back to the cricket ground, to discover that my son had nearly “caught” a straight six from in the crowd, but the ball had popped out of his hands! This was live on national TV (Sky) and needless to say he has been received a mixture of congrats and digs for his efforts, via messages and Facebook.


~ by noelgarner on June 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Houses of Parliament, London”

  1. One amazing painting and a very hard subject to paint. Look forward to see more. thank you.


    • Thanks Antony. How do you find it with people looking over your shoulder? I had this happen when I was on site with this painting. A community policeman came up and started to chat. Couldn’t really say to him I would prefer it if he went away, but somehow it all blended into the experience of painting and I now remember the occasion very well. Sold the painting though…

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