Hijacked asparagus

Oil on hardboard 6"x8"

Oil on hardboard 6"x8"

The photo is a bit flattering to be honest. I laboured over this and it looks like it. I wanted a much simpler, economic, painterly look. I have an excuse however. My wife nicked my subject claiming she had to cook it. To be fair I had stolen the bowl from the kitchen earlier.  So the fussy last 30 minutes was spent imagining colour and shape and getting it wrong, and the background wrong. So is the bowl Anyway, I said I would post everything so here it is. On the plus side it is a great subject and I look forward to trying again next year when asparagus is once again in season! In the meantime I will practice more simple still life. Actually it will be interesting to see if I have improved in a year’s time.


~ by noelgarner on June 1, 2009.

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