Snowboarding in Morzine

A beer at Pleney

I took only watercolour gear with me on my recent snowboarding trip. Didn’t do any more than these two sketches. This and the next from the same spot, just 180 degree different direction. As the woman on the right (in blue) got up to go I waved the sketch in her direction and in a moment of unusual mellowness asked her if she’d like to have it. The reply was instant and to the point: “No”,  and walked off. She must have thought I wanted money for it. On the other hand maybe she was an art critic:-)

Top of the run  Both these watercolour sketches were about 4″x6″. This last one I employed a bit of scratching out with a penknife in the foreground and on the trees to put in a few branches.


~ by noelgarner on May 4, 2009.

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