Sunset at Bait’s Bite Lock

Bait's Bite Lock. Oil on board 6"x8"

Bait's Bite Lock. Oil on board 6"x8"

Just off the picture to the left is the River Cam which flows through Cambridge  further downstream a couple of miles. I used my pochade box on the passenger seat of  the pickup and rested the board against the steering wheel. The light was fading fast and I couldn’t see too well, but the jag of orange above the trees and the lock-keeper’s cottage was worth having a try to paint. The commuter train from Cambridge to Ely passed by  across the bare fields  at one point so I touched it in. Like the fox in my previous painted, but sort of different. I darkened a few touches when I got back home this evening and put in a lighted window in the cottage gable – pure invention. Quite pleased with this – mainly for getting the warm sunset reflection on the underside of the clouds.


~ by noelgarner on February 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sunset at Bait’s Bite Lock”

  1. love the colours and brush work, such a hard scene to paint.

  2. Thanks, Antony. It takes a painter to appreciate the difficulties of painting in the evening. It’s impossible to get the sunlight colours as bright and as light as they are – you lighten with white and the saturation of the colours is lost – so you have to make the areas around them more muted and darker to make the bright areas stand out more. Enjoyed your paintings – I used to live in Birmingham and the Malverns was a day trip away. A far cry from the flatlands of Cambridgeshire where I now live.

  3. Hey, hard to paint the flat lands! thanks for looking at my pochades. Have been painting now for over 200days in a row. Do sign up to the site and if you have time I would appreciate any links to the site.

    I also run , you may like to check it out.



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