My watercolour set-up

My watercolour palette and set-up
My watercolour palette and set-up

Most of my watercolours are painted plein-air. So over the years I have put together a small collection of equipment that suits my needs. I’m using this plastic palette at the moment because my old japanned tin box is so rusty it damages my brushes. The plastic tray on the left has six large wells, and I always pour clean water into three or four of them. then when I was my brush I go to the first one (which quickly gets muddy) and then rinse in the second and then the third.  I then use the clean water in the fourth well to mix fresh colour. the point of this is that is makes the most efficient use of clean water, and so I don’t have to carry too much. I stopped using pans of colour many years ago – too expensive. Rather i buy large tubes and squeeze out into the plastic wells and let the paint dry off in the air for a few days. Artist’s quality pigments don’t dry out too much.


~ by noelgarner on January 14, 2009.

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