Oil sticks continued…

Autumn veg

Autumn veg

I enjoyed the last painting using oil sticks, so here’s another larger one, about 3′ x2′. It may look a bit like rhubarb, but in fact it’s some kind of Chard in the centre. It was this colour that attracted me to the subject and the contrast with the greens and dark browns of the soil. Oil bars are very messy – at least the way I use them is. You end up with oil colour all over your hands. A sturdy easel is needed if you attack the board (I don’t think a canvas could ever be stiff enough for the amount of pressure you make against the support) with any degree of force – in fact the upright part of the easel did start to give way half way through and I had to pause and tighten things up.

What remains of my oil bars

What remains of my oil bars

I was also very limited for colours – I’m running out of oil bars, and have only got about four colours left – Cadium red, Camium yellow Pale, Ultra blue, Burnt Umber and White. There comes a point where everything is very squidgy and it’s impossible to continue apart from scratching out, which I have done a bit of here. I’ll let it dry for a week or so an then work back into it with oil pastels. So I’ll post it again then. Took me around an hour and a half to do this much.

I don’t often paint this big, but in this instance I want something large and bold for placing in a flat I am re-furbishing at the moment. Maybe I’ll post it again finished and on display.

Photo of the vegetable patch I was painting

Photo of the vegetable patch I was painting


Here’s a reference photo of the subject, although I haven’t used it to paint from. I think it conveys the power of the red colour.


~ by noelgarner on September 27, 2008.

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