Snape Maltings, Suffolk

The Saltmarsh at Snape

Snape saltmarsh

I went to Snape with my wife and father-in-law to hear Margaret Atwood and Alastair Reid read their poetry. The first sketch is through the cafe window of the inlet at Snape, as we waited for our food to arrive. The couple on the next table asked what I was using to sketch with (ball-point and graphite stick in a clutch pencil holder), and it turned out one of them was an illustrator and the other a cartoonist. They were probably famous for all I know, but at moments like this the only important thing is the art. Nice people.

The next is a bit different. As we sat in the vaulted auditorium, packed with a large audience I toyed with trying to sketch the scene in my Moleskine. But then I wouldn’t be listening to the poetry so I tried a different tack – a doodle.  Graphite stick. You’ll see a couple of words found their way in as well. Judy says it looks Arabic; I say it looks like a doodle inspired by poetry (which was fantastic BTW)!


~ by noelgarner on August 30, 2008.

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