Day 8 – Romania

Viscri, Romania

Viscri, Romania

We had walked most of the (very hot) day and sat down outside the village bar/store sipping beer in the shade. The choice of subject was simple – whatever was in front of me. The was no way I was going to move out of that comfy spot. However, the houses on the other side of the track were a good subject. The colours were so bright. The blue is best decribed as cornflower, and really there was no way I could get it right and as bright and clear as in real life with the pigments I have in my box. So I did my best with Ultramarine, Coerulean and a tiny touch of Phthalo. The sketch lacks figures – so maybe I’ll put in that guy who briefly leaned against the brown gate in the shade of the tree. That will mean sponging out a small area – but being lazy, and not a purist, more likely I’ll overpaint using a mix with opaque white.


~ by noelgarner on July 15, 2008.

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