Painting Day with Alan

Two paintings in two days! This one represents about 3 hours work on site in the village of Coton near Cambridge, and another half an hour at home putting in a couple of imaginary figures to bring the picture to life. They are trying to lift something I think! Alan and I worked at the scene side by side. It’s the first time we have painted together and it worked very well. Both in different styles in oils, but lots to learn from different approaches, technique and materials. For example, he uses indigo and raw sienna – two colours I don’t use.

I followed my usual method of drawing first with charcoal, and then covering the canvas (in this instance around 250mm square) with scrubbed-in colour. I try and do this quickly, but inevitably it took longer than intended. Using lots of turps so it dries off quickly, and then a second application. The sun was wearing round which was a nuisance because the east wall of the church quickly fell into shadow. Actually, thinking about it, since all Anglican churches face east, I should have been able to predict that at midday this would happen.

It’s turned out quite well overall, but the sky is too dominant and so are the purple copper beeches in the centre ground. The figures are really a diversion from the other compositional defects. The sky also suggests windy conditions – in actual fact there wasn’t a breath of wind.  Never mind, a pleasant scene, and happy company.


~ by noelgarner on June 16, 2008.

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